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Waste Container Strap(404 FH/HD)

Made in the USA with our 4” webbing that is rated at 20,000 Lbs. breaking strength and carrying over 13 pics per inch (use hyper link to resources and glossary will be inserted as a PDF) and made from 100% 1st grade polyester.  This strap has been reinforced with the double W straight line stitch pattern at the hook.

When compared to competitors webbing our 4” standard webbing had a higher break strength, less elongation, and was equal to the competition’s premium grade product.  The hook has a break strength of 8,000 Lbs. and made to fit over most standard container rails.  The assembly is rated at 8,000 Lbs. breaking strength.  Other hooks, winch cable, and fittings available.  Click here for more information.