As a silent leader in the trucking community, DOT Tiedown has supplied straps used in the trucking industry since 1996.  DOT Tiedown keeps up to date with the Code of Federal Regulations – Title 49(CFR 49), the North American Cargo Securement Standards, California Code of Regulations (13CCR), and a variety of other organizations.  For more information on these standards click here.

We private label and custom manufacture every domestic strap here in the USA and can directly import any item you currently source overseas.  Our product line for trucking includes, but is not limited to winch and ratchet straps, winches and winch bars, chains and binders, bars and beams, as well as other items that are specific to a transportation need.

Our domestic webbing carries approximately 30% more surface area than many other straps and it is made with 100% first quality yarns. Our standard pic count is 19 pics per inch.  Other companies may use webbing with as low as 10 pics.  Why is the pic important?  Pics are the vertically run yarns that provide the majority of strength to the tie down when pulled.  When tested at an independent lab, we found that our standard webbing had a higher average break strength than the major competitor’s premium grade product.  They also found that our product had less elongation and was equal when tested against the premium grade products that boast superior abrasion resistance.  Simply put, we dare you to compare our product whether it is an import or domestic.  We are confident that you can see the difference.

We offer a variety of straps.  Some of our straps include single use straps, export straps, auto tie downs, flatbed straps, hay straps, cargo nets, drum straps, cylinder straps or gas straps, interior van straps, rope tie offs, ladder straps, and a variety of other custom straps.  Straps can be stenciled, special tagged, shrink wrapped, bagged, a wide variety of colors are available, and can be configured to meet your needs.

If you have a part not found on our site click here to contact our team, chat live now, or call 800-459-4798.  We’ll be glad to help you!