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DOT Tiedown Catalog 2015 800.459.4798 WEBBING Did you know that D.O.T. Tiedown makes webbing that has been used in big box retail, the largest shipping companies in the world, in medical and military applications both foreign and domestic? Our web patterns, raw materials, and resins have been designed to create the highest quality product to ensure you receive the best return on investment. We want to win your business with our quality; we are confident that you will notice our quality with only a visual comparison with your current strap. Standard Rolls 300ft. Bulk Boxes Available. Certification available on request. CORDURA SLEEVE FOR 2" WEB 17" LONG CORDURA 2/17 *Available in 10" and 12" 2" 10000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - EXTERIOR DOT-10000 TRUCK WEB Break Strength Pounds: 12000 2" 12000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - EXTERIOR TRUCK WEB DOT-12000 Break Strength Pounds: 12000 3" 15000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - EXTERIOR DOT-15000 TRUCK WEB Break Strength Pounds: 15000 4" 20000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - EXTERIOR DOT-20000 TRUCK WEB Break Strength Pounds: 20000 1/2" 3000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - NET ROPE DOT-3000 Break Strength Pounds: 3000 1" 3500 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - TIE DOWN WEB DOT-3500 Break Strength Pounds: 3500 3/4" 4500 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - NET ROPE DOT-4500 Break Strength Pounds: 4500 1 3/4" 6000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - AVIATION WEB DOT-7000 Break Strength Pounds: 6000 2" 7000 LBS. BREAK STRENGTH - INTERIOR VAN WEB DOT-7000/I Break Strength Pounds: 7000 26

DOT Tiedown Catalog 2015
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